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John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Thu Aug 22 18:04:30 UTC 2013

On Thu, 22 Aug 2013 19:17:44 +0200
Thorsten Rochelmeyer <thr-news at rochelmeyer.com> dijo:

>Am 21.08.2013 08:46, schrieb Alenka Bertok:
>> The problem is that when I insert photos in the document it records
>> the place where the photo is on my computer. If I change the place
>> of the photo on my computer, the photo disappears from my document
>> in scribus. Is there any way to cancel that scribus remember the way
>> of the photo, so that I can change the place where it is saved? 

>Not exactly an answer to your question but maybe an idea for further
>developement: There was an older Version of Corel Draw (i believe it
>was, but not that sure) that offered the option to do an automated
>search if an image was missing or if the file had been moved. Available
>via right mouseclick and "Find missing image ..." or something like
>that. Would be a nice to have feature for upcoming versions of Scribus.

Yes, a lot of other layout applications have such a feature. 

However, I have never needed it because I found a long time ago that
there is a better way to arrange my work so I never have a problem with
missing images. When I start a Scribus project I create a folder for
it, and within that folder another folder labeled "Images." All the
pics for that project go in there. If I re-use an image in another
project I place a copy of the image in the new project's Images folder.
Disk space is cheap these days. 

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