[scribus] reading pub and idd files

Czarek czarek at oferuje.pl
Thu Apr 18 06:40:32 UTC 2013

> on the other side, i still think that being able to just open the files
> of the -- almost monopolistic -- main actor in the DTP area, would be a
> big plus for scribus.

On one side I agree with you.

On the other side I think we exaggerate with how import of ID/QXP/PM/FM/* files 
is important.

1. I don`t think anyone want to switch layout application during work
(I mean users should only expect somehow successful import of main layout 
rules, like pages with margins, frames on good positions and good dimensions 
or (most important) styles. But not opening some finished layout perfectly, but 
for starting new one based on that imported from outside)

2. I don`t think it is possible to write perfect importer for any big layout 
with proof of exact copy (for example: see how CorelDraw imports complicated 
files from Illustrator, see how complicated Corel files are imported to any 
other program with CDR import)

3. I don`t think any professionals need this. In real world only geeks 
expecting that they can send their files from any application to anyone and 
everyone has the same application and same fonts. And only geeks can expect 
that they should be able to open any file from any application they get.
In DTP world, details (like slightly different font version) can change 
everything and exchanging files between computers can be very complicated with 
open-for-edition file format. Professionals exchange rather EPS or PDF files.

3. Yes - having such feature like import from platinum DTP applications would 
be big benefit for Scribus users and would give a kick for Scribus to go out 
from DTP shadow. But... does platinum layout applications read each other?
Biggest benefit for Scribus users would be also to have most stable, reach of 
power, fast and productive application on the whole market... for free!!!

Get it easy. It is only importer for lazy or stupid people.
Don`t loose power for things you cannot do perfect from its definition!


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