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Joop Kiefte ikojba at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 06:45:38 UTC 2013

Czarek, this feature is important for one very important feature of a lot
of open source software: to prevent lock-in. Even in organisations that
really shouldn't depend on InDesign their designers use it, and as such
force to use the client to use it too (and pay a big buck or pirate it...)
just to change what was commisioned. This really is unacceptable and indd
support would solve this huge problem.

2013/4/18 Czarek <czarek at oferuje.pl>

> > on the other side, i still think that being able to just open the files
> > of the -- almost monopolistic -- main actor in the DTP area, would be a
> > big plus for scribus.
> On one side I agree with you.
> On the other side I think we exaggerate with how import of ID/QXP/PM/FM/*
> files
> is important.
> 1. I don`t think anyone want to switch layout application during work
> (I mean users should only expect somehow successful import of main layout
> rules, like pages with margins, frames on good positions and good
> dimensions
> or (most important) styles. But not opening some finished layout
> perfectly, but
> for starting new one based on that imported from outside)
> 2. I don`t think it is possible to write perfect importer for any big
> layout
> with proof of exact copy (for example: see how CorelDraw imports
> complicated
> files from Illustrator, see how complicated Corel files are imported to any
> other program with CDR import)
> 3. I don`t think any professionals need this. In real world only geeks
> expecting that they can send their files from any application to anyone and
> everyone has the same application and same fonts. And only geeks can expect
> that they should be able to open any file from any application they get.
> In DTP world, details (like slightly different font version) can change
> everything and exchanging files between computers can be very complicated
> with
> open-for-edition file format. Professionals exchange rather EPS or PDF
> files.
> 3. Yes - having such feature like import from platinum DTP applications
> would
> be big benefit for Scribus users and would give a kick for Scribus to go
> out
> from DTP shadow. But... does platinum layout applications read each other?
> Biggest benefit for Scribus users would be also to have most stable, reach
> of
> power, fast and productive application on the whole market... for free!!!
> Conclusion:
> Get it easy. It is only importer for lazy or stupid people.
> Don`t loose power for things you cannot do perfect from its definition!
> cezaryece
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