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John Ghormley KJ4UFG kj4ufg at sera.org
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On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 6:09 PM, <brinydeep at lavabit.com> wrote:

> When using Scribus to create a PDF for commercial printing, do you need to
> import images/photos as CMYK (already converted from RGB elsewhere)? Or,
> will Scribus automatically convert RGB images to CMYK when creating the
> PDF for the printer?
My experience in the US, State of North Carolina, is that the two
commercial print shops I have used for our magazine both require CMYK based
PDFs.  While one will accept RGB photos, those photos turn out very dark
and are quite unacceptable.  The other will extract the RGB photos, convert
them to CMYK and re-insert them in the PDF file, but they charge me for the
time required to do so.  Since we are publishing a 64 page magazine, there
are many photos in it.

The inside content of the magazine is grayscale and by selecting Export >
Save as PDF > Color (tab) > Output intended for > Grayscale rather than
Printer as the output preference, all my images get converted to CMYK.
However, I prefer to do it before inserting it into the raw .sla file which
allows me to control the brightness of the images much closer.  None the
less, I export in that format just in case I have an image that did nto get
converted somewhere in the 64 pages.

The color cover I am forced to convert to CMYK before inserting into the
raw .sla file simply to retain control over the color that often shifts
(and cost me money if the print shop does the conversion) when the
conversion to CMYK is done for their print process.

If the newest version of Scribus include a conversion to CMYK that offers
any real control of resultant color, I would certainly like to know about

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