[scribus] Scribus as technical drawing tool

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Tue May 1 12:50:55 UTC 2012

On 12/04/2012 08:48, Sveinn í Felli wrote:
> Þann fim 12.apr 2012 01:31, skrifaði John Beardmore:
>> On 11/04/2012 09:05, ale rimoldi wrote:

>>>> I've put a copy of my attempt at the .svg logo at
>>>> http://www.t4sustainability.co.uk/EraseMe/T4logoArialPlainJb0004.svg
>>> select all the text item and do "path> object to path". do
>>> it on a
>>> copy of your svg in order to keep the editable version.
> -----------------
>> There has been some strangeness though. On some of my
>> attempts to import the SVG, nothing appeared. When I now try
>> and make a PDF, I get warning messages about "Free Objects".
>> There are various texts, layers, rects and paths, and
>> something identified as g3060. All are shown as "Object is
>> not on a Page".
>> Any clues as to how this might have arisen, and how to get
>> rid of
>> them ?
> Probably your object landed somewhere way off the page.
> How did you 'import' the SVG?
> I did a quick test; your SVG is fine (except the Arial thingie) and
> shows nicely in Konqueror previews and in Inkscape.
> Make an image frame -> Get image -> Adjust image to frame is the way I
> 'imported' the SVG, had to choose 'All files' in the filetype dropdown
> (may vary between OS's)

I've just tried doing it this way. When I 'get image', I get a diagonal 
cross in the box, with the name of the SVG file in the middle, but when 
I select and right click on the image, I don't get the 'Adjust image to 
frame' option.  (Trying it in 1.4.1)

> Had no warnings when saving or printing as PDF.

Haven't tried printing as can't yet import this way.

Importing via 'File->Import->Get Image' I have been able to incorporate 
an SVG which looks good and comes out OK in PDFs. I've not tried 
printing though.

Oddly, when I import, the imported SVG is inconveniently big to work 
with. As SVGs are inherently scalable, would it be possible to import 
the SVG to the current page, and fit it within it ?

It's also odd that although in Inkscape the logo has been laid out on a 
page of size customised to be exactly covered by the logo, on import to 
scribus, the image (long and rectangular), appears in a large square 
frame of some kind which frequently seems to end up going over the edge 
of the page. Does anybody know how to avoid this, if it's normal, and if 
it matters ?  It doesn't seem to stop things working, but it's the sort 
of unsolicited strangeness that unnerves users !

Importing this way though, I got the impression that the black in the 
logo was a lighter shade. I'll have to check what rgb Inkscape thinks it is.

Many thanks, J/.
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