[scribus] PDF X/1-A:2001

Richard Foley rich.inud at naktiv.net
Tue Jun 19 07:30:54 UTC 2012

I'm using 1.5svn for (only) exporting PDF/X-1a also.

LSI have accepted my colour interior book block :-)

So far so good, just FYI (as encouragement).


Richard Foley

Supporting Naked Activities


On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 09:08:14AM +0200, a.l.e wrote:
> hi johan,
> >ale rimoldi<ale.comp_06 at xox.ch>  writes:
> >
> >>here, you're asking them to spend relatively lot of time to backport
> >>to 1.4 a feature instead of getting them to put all their efforts in
> >>getting a 1.6 out as fast as possible!
> >Please do not misunderstand me (or: Sorry if I didn't express myself
> >more clearly). My intention was to point out the need for PDF X/1-A:2001
> >and if 1.6 would still be far away I'd propose considering to backport
> >this to 1.4. Given the current planning it is probably better to wait
> >for 1.6.
> >
> >>if you want, you can help to get a wonderful 1.6 out, soon!
> >All I can do is use the development version for all projects (well, the
> >non-critical ones) to test it as much as possible.
> >
> yep, that helps the project!
> just be careful with 1.5svn for now.
> it's possible to work with it (and it is fun!), but it has several
> loose ends that make productive work hard, at least in some cases.
> i'm using it for most of the work i don't have to share with other
> people, but i'm not sure that i would suggest other people to do the
> same :-)
> i really hope that my reccommendation will be different in two months :-)
> have a nice day
> a.l.e
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