[scribus] image formats (jpg or tiff)?

Richard Foley rich.inud at naktiv.net
Mon Jun 11 06:31:00 UTC 2012

Ah, that probably explains the initial "convert to tiff" suggestion, which is
probably redundant now. Sometimes it's good to know *why* :-)



Richard Foley

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On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 12:39:21AM +0200, Flem wrote:
> Le 10/06/2012 22:15, Richard Foley a écrit :
> >When creating a PDF with Scribus, is there any particular advantage to
> >converting JPG photographs to TIFF format, before generating a PDF?
> >
> >I ask because this was recommended to me as the right way to proceed to
> >generate a PDF for printing via LSI for instance, but it is unclear to me as to
> >why this would be in any way beneficial. It seems to me likely merely to
> >increase the file sizes required, but am happy to be corrected.
> Another point of view would be the way many people worked before an
> efficient profile management emerged: the normal process was then to
> convert any picture in CMYK before importing it in any DTP software.
> In this very process it was logical to avoid JPG format as it
> destroys the photographs a little more at every file rewriting.
> Now that pictures can remain in RGB in the DTP software before
> generating the final printing PDF this recommendation is not usefull
> anymore as long as you don't need to modify the JPG file in any way.
> :)
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> Flem
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