[scribus] image formats (jpg or tiff)?

Flem flemblog at free.fr
Sun Jun 10 22:39:21 UTC 2012

Le 10/06/2012 22:15, Richard Foley a écrit :
> When creating a PDF with Scribus, is there any particular advantage to
> converting JPG photographs to TIFF format, before generating a PDF?
> I ask because this was recommended to me as the right way to proceed to
> generate a PDF for printing via LSI for instance, but it is unclear to me as to
> why this would be in any way beneficial. It seems to me likely merely to
> increase the file sizes required, but am happy to be corrected.

Another point of view would be the way many people worked 
before an efficient profile management emerged: the normal 
process was then to convert any picture in CMYK before 
importing it in any DTP software.
In this very process it was logical to avoid JPG format as 
it destroys the photographs a little more at every file 

Now that pictures can remain in RGB in the DTP software 
before generating the final printing PDF this recommendation 
is not usefull anymore as long as you don't need to modify 
the JPG file in any way. :)


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