[scribus] wrong hyphenating

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jul 14 08:37:52 UTC 2012

bonjour tauba,

> In french text, I frequently face exactly the same problem, use the
> same turn around (conditional hyphens) and am forced to check and
> recheck and recheck end of lines when the text get changes... One
> exemple of word regularly wrongly hyphenated is the country name
> "Israël" which is cut "Is-raël" (wrong) or word "Israéliens" which is
> cut "Is-raéliens" (wrong) instead of "Israé-liens" (right although
> sounds strange...).
> I faced the problem with 1.3.5, and the same now with 1.4.0 or
> 1.4.1...

i wonder what the best way is to solve such problems.

as far i understand it, scribus is using libreoffice / openoffice
hyphenation files.

so, i suppose that you should try if those cases are correctly taken
care in libre/open office.

if the error also happens in libre/open office i think that you should
find the way to correctly report it to the maintainers of the
hyphenation files.

if the error does not happen there, well, we will have to check what
the error in scribus is...

have a nice weekend

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