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Jean Mielot j.mielot at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 13:38:57 UTC 2012

On 18/01/2012 15:26, Czarek wrote:
>> Is there a way to end the frame on the baseline and still allow the
>> descender to extend? ID does this.
> No problem.
> One question - what about characters shifted down from baseline?
> In my Scribus (patched by me) last line appears in frame until all glyphs have
> space in frame with its descenders (real used descenders). If some glyph is
> shifted down below base line out of frame then line layout is breaked down and
> line dosnt appears in frame.
> It is solution specialy for short headers with quite large font used, when
> descenders are not used but in current Scribus build frame needs additional
> space for them.
> I can prepare patch in way you ask, but must to know what to do in special
> cases, when text is not simply used as is. One such case is shifting glyphs
> down below base line.
> But for me rule that any part of glyphs cannot extend frame edges is good
> rule and I am living and working with it without complainments.
> cezaryece
> BTW in my Scribus I have function called "Adjust frame height to text" which
> sets text frame height to last lines bottom (only shrink, dont expande frame`s
> haight so text fit in it). Is that something helpful for you?
Hi Czarek

Thanks for giving this some thought.
I thought an example would be best.

In Indesign I was able to create a text box and perfectly vertically 
center the text (see attached)
The textframe would fit the text exactly and padding could be applied 
At the moment the only way I see this layout possible in Scribus - is to 
create a polygon in the back
and text on top - not very elegant AND not very scriptable either (I 
wrote a script for Indesign to
automatically do this).

Your patch sounds very interesting.

As for the shifted glyphs shifted below the baseline - personally I 
think one should draw the line somewhere
- make that overflow.

I am currently on magazine deadline - so will do the clumsy method for 
this issue, unless someone else can
show me an alternative - but a solution would be fantastic.

Ideally the frame should end on baseline with immediate descender still 

By the way - I did try your script once - I have not tried it again in 
production - it worked,
but the ability to fit horizontally is also quite essential - and the 
script for that didn't
quite seem to work for me.

I would have to give this some more thought as well.



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