[scribus] Fitting Text

Czarek czarek at oferuje.pl
Wed Jan 18 13:26:32 UTC 2012

> Is there a way to end the frame on the baseline and still allow the
> descender to extend? ID does this.

No problem.
One question - what about characters shifted down from baseline?

In my Scribus (patched by me) last line appears in frame until all glyphs have 
space in frame with its descenders (real used descenders). If some glyph is 
shifted down below base line out of frame then line layout is breaked down and 
line dosnt appears in frame.
It is solution specialy for short headers with quite large font used, when 
descenders are not used but in current Scribus build frame needs additional 
space for them.
I can prepare patch in way you ask, but must to know what to do in special 
cases, when text is not simply used as is. One such case is shifting glyphs 
down below base line.

But for me rule that any part of glyphs cannot extend frame edges is good  
rule and I am living and working with it without complainments.


BTW in my Scribus I have function called "Adjust frame height to text" which 
sets text frame height to last lines bottom (only shrink, dont expande frame`s 
haight so text fit in it). Is that something helpful for you?

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