[scribus] Fitting Text

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jan 18 14:26:56 UTC 2012

hi cezary,

> > Is there a way to end the frame on the baseline and still allow the
> > descender to extend? ID does this.
> No problem.
> One question - what about characters shifted down from baseline?
> In my Scribus (patched by me) last line appears in frame until all
> glyphs have space in frame with its descenders (real used
> descenders). If some glyph is shifted down below base line out of
> frame then line layout is breaked down and line dosnt appears in
> frame. It is solution specialy for short headers with quite large
> font used, when descenders are not used but in current Scribus build
> frame needs additional space for them.

afaict, the idea is to have a baseline which matches some sort of
typographic grid. in that case your frame will end on the page
margin or a guide.

checking the overflow you take into account if the baseline is fitting
in the frame and not the current or maximal extension of the glyphs.

it would be nice to extend the "first line offset" tab in the PP and put
there settings for the first (as currently is) and last line (new).

btw, the extending part must be shown even if it's outside of the frame!

without this behavior, it's very hard to work with a typographic grid,
because you have to manually extend each frame. the biggest problem is
that you can't freely move around the frames anymore, since they don't
fit the typographic grid anymore!

here a random example taken from the net, showing how one will work
with a typographic grid


(in this case the last line never touches the guide... but it could and
often it should!)

voilà, i hope that i explained the problem in a understandable way...


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