[scribus] New Laidout with slightly better Scribus support

Tom Lechner lechner at aceweb.com
Sun Jan 8 17:49:00 UTC 2012

I have released a new version of Laidout (0.092), which includes 
slightly better Scribus importing features. This is still Linux only.

Laidout can now handle importing page number labels, and master pages. 
Note that the automatic page number text and master pages are converted 
to actual page objects on import. This simplifies exporting back out to 
a Scribus document after imposing onto strange layouts.

You may specify to have automatic cut and fold marks from the Scribus 
plugin, but you cannot currently add your own custom ones. For that, you 
still have to import into a running Laidout, not from the plugin. The 
plugin is also still limited to signature based impositions.

Scribus plugin here (rename with .py at the end, and make executable 
after download, in Scribus, run from Script->Execute Script):

And Laidout here:

-Tom Lechner

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