[scribus] Delete previous Scribus versions in Windows (help!)

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 7 16:12:43 UTC 2012

On 01/07/2012 10:27 AM, bobparham at comcast.net wrote:
> When downloading each version one is given the option of replacing the
> previous version or installing in addition to the previous version. In
> each case I chose to install the newer version in addition to previous
> version for fear of screwing up my book. I have chapters created with
> each of these versions. I now have convinced myself that each chapter is
> compatible with any rc version in addition to 1.4.0.

If you chose not to uninstall an old version, it should still be there. 
Typically, it should be under Programs, with and older versions having 
their own directory, labeled something like Scribus 1.4.0rc5. I just did 
the same thing, and ended up with a Scribus 1.4.0rc5 and another Scribus 
1.4.0 directory.

If it's not there, it's a puzzle.


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