[scribus] Trouble running Scribus 1.4.0 with IceWM and Rox

Duane G Canaday sunny51dc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 17:32:56 UTC 2012

I just installed the new Stable version of Scribus on an Antix M11
box, its a Pentium 4 about 2 Ghz.
I usually use mepis but due to this machines limitations I chose Antix
which I am not that familiar with.
Here is the problem that has me stumped.
 When I open the Storybook editor it starts too high up on the screen
and I can't get a hold of the top of it to move it down.
Each time I try to use it it jumps even higher up on the screen until
I close Scribus then it returns to the original position which is
still too high.
The monitor is a 14 inch one which was working fine on  another
install I had on a Pentium 3 box but although it runs fine there that
box was painfully slow.
I can perhaps buy another monitor used [all my larger ones are
attached to walls on boxes I frequently use]
The jumping higher with each use is a real bummer.
Is there anybody successfully running Scribus on a lightweight window
manager that can give me an idea how to fix this?
Yeah I know I really need a larger monitor !!

Duane C.

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