[scribus] Character palette: Usage?

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 13:29:45 UTC 2012

On 02/02/2012 06:35 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi jluc,
>> I dont understand why the choosed glyph is inserted in default font
>> and not in choosed font. I dont see any reason to do so.
>> Inserting a default font characted when the user asks for a dingbat
>> glyph is as weird as inserting a red glyph when the user asks for a
>> green glyph.
> imo, this is only a small part of scribus' weirdness with local
> formatting.
> i think that there is a need for somebody going through all the cases
> and preparing a proposal on how things could be improved.
> imo, it should be a well thought concept, not just a list of requests.
> it should contain an explicit analysis of all corner cases.
> the solutions are probably not simple and even if everybody sees that
> there is a problem here, i understand that the team waits for a better
> solution being defined before starting programming something new.
> in this specific case one of the questions which are open is:
> now, you've inserted a glyph from the palette and it has correctly been
> set to zapfdingbats. if you then type the next char in the frame
> itself, which font should the new char have? the one you were using in
> the frame or the one applied from the "insert glyph" dialog? i guess
> that -- most of the time -- you want to continue with the font you had
> in the frame...

This is the way most programs seem to do this, and it's way that the 
Story Editor does it also. In essence, an inserted glyph should be aware 
of its surroundings. If a particular font is left and right of the 
inserted, that is simple. If there is a mismatch, Scribus should choose 
one or the other, and not the default.

As far as the default, I think that when you set a font for the frame -- 
selecting the frame, then changing in Properties -- that the default 
font of the frame should change.


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