[scribus] Character palette: Usage?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 2 13:53:32 UTC 2012


> > in this specific case one of the questions which are open is:
> > now, you've inserted a glyph from the palette and it has correctly
> > been set to zapfdingbats. if you then type the next char in the
> > frame itself, which font should the new char have? the one you were
> > using in the frame or the one applied from the "insert glyph"
> > dialog? i guess that -- most of the time -- you want to continue
> > with the font you had in the frame...
> >
> This is the way most programs seem to do this, and it's way that the 
> Story Editor does it also. In essence, an inserted glyph should be
> aware of its surroundings. If a particular font is left and right of
> the inserted, that is simple. If there is a mismatch, Scribus should
> choose one or the other

that's the question: the one or the other?

>, and not the default.

this is probably the worst choice, i agree!

> As far as the default, I think that when you set a font for the frame
> -- selecting the frame, then changing in Properties -- that the
> default font of the frame should change.

... and i think that there should be no default font for the frame...
that would make many things much simpler, some things a bit more
complex, but all things more predictable...

it's exactly those things that should be sorted out!

to be continued.

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