[scribus] Bookmarks?

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Wed Aug 8 22:11:59 UTC 2012

Winx64, Scribus 1.4.1

When I click into the text frames where I want a pdf bookmark, and 
right-click > PDF Options > Is PDF Bookmark, all of the bookmarks result 
in the same text: the text from the top of the frame for page 1.

How can I remedy this?

The inference from what I read in "The Official Manual," p.56, indicates 
that this action is supposed to result in assigning the bookmark the 
text which is "the first words in the text frames."

That would be an improvement, but somehow doesn't seem like what users 
need, which would be to have the text assigned from where the cursor is 
actually located, so that the list of pdf bookmarks would refer to, for 
example, the chapter headings and section headings, if so selected.

However, the "Official Manual" does not indicate that potential. 
although the graphic (with German text) on p.57 reflects different text 
for each bookmark.

Yet all I can get is the same text from the top line of frame 1 for each 

Any help will be appreciated.

Barry McKenna

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