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Brunet Pierrick pierrick.brunet at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri Apr 20 22:27:53 UTC 2012

Le 21/04/2012 00:18, john Culleton a écrit :
> I have four pdfs from a customer that I need to patch a bit. They
> are roughly 14 x 11 and run about 3 to 5 mb each. As near as I
> can tell they are about 100 dpi density. These are cover
> graphics produced by InDesign.
> I have a problem with the density. But laying that aside I don't
> seem to be able to load them into either 1.4.1 svn or 1.5.0. I
> tried importing one of them and also loading into a graphic
> screen. They can be viewed in Acrobat Reader and Gimp. But
> Scribus (both versions) chokes. I tried converting to ps and then
> loading them but that doesn't play nicely either, and the ps file
> was huge.
> Any suggestions on how to tame the beasties in Scribus?
It is certainly not the best way to do that but I have already had 
problem with pdf importation in scribus and you can use latex to solve that.

You have to install latex on your computer
Then, you can use render frame (icon next to image frame)
right click on the frame->change sources->font/header
additional header :

And in the code:


Where you can choose the page and the localisation of the document.
I used that only on the the computer of a friend which can't import pdf 
in an other way.

On other way if you use windows is to open the pdf with something like 
adobe illustrator and export each page as a picture.
I hope it will help you ...
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