[scribus] Scribus as technical drawing tool

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Thu Apr 12 08:33:18 UTC 2012

Hi John,

(a bit late, the thread has evolved some)

Þann mán  9.apr 2012 11:10, skrifaði John Beardmore:
> Because Scribus allows very precise placement and
> dimensioning of objects, I've taken to using it as a basic
> CAD tool.
> This would be greatly facilitated though, if it were
> possible to move the origin of the coordinate system, and
> introduce arbitrary scales for the drawing of lines and
> polygons, e.g. 1:150.
> Is anybody else using it this way, and is anybody else
> interested in these developments ?
> (I know there's an argument for doing this in CAD, and
> that's something we've looked at, but haven't got to grips
> with yet. We're still waiting for a package that will do for
> CAD what Scribus has done for DTP.)

I'm sure Alexandre Prokoudine could give you more pointers.

I'm often using Scribus for annotating and sketching details 
based on CAD drawings in PDF-format. What I like is the 
ability to load an A1 page into an image frame on an A4/A3 
page, panning/zooming at will and putting my text and simple 
drawings on top. Sometimes this is for feedback to 
(external) designers, sometimes as a supplement for 
execution (carpenters/plumbers/etc). Of course, if the 
sketches become serious modifications, one has to work on 
the source DWGs.

DXFs can also work, but hatches/fills and line thickness 
often mess up (as between any CAD software).

What I always have to include, is a warning about not taking 
any measurements/calculations off the printed output; even 
if I'm able to show the drawing parts close to a certain 
scale, it is not verifiable. And the printer 
software/drivers (in my case Acrobat + CUPS+Gutenberg) are 
not calibrated or officially certified for this kind of work.

So, even if it would be nice to have a sort of scale 
awareness for image frames in Scribus, it could be quite 
complicated to achieve something useful in the context I was 
describing. Meaning, that close to the scope of the 
certification biz...

Best regards,

Sveinn í Felli

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