[scribus] Where do I set the line spacing?

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Mon Apr 9 04:29:26 UTC 2012

Thanks Owen! I went to trying to do this in Libre Office and AbiWord, both
of which are SERIOUSLY buggy at large page sizes. Not a good day for Linux.

On Mon, Apr 09, 2012 at 01:21:25PM +1000, Owen wrote:

> > In Document Setup I have automatic line spacing set at 20% - which has
> > to be
> > line height plus that, right? Where do I go to adjust the line spacing
> > here?
> Properties->Text->Set to Fixed Line spacing and adjust to suit
> (probably 65 pt will do you)

Okay, that wasn't present in the ^t context in which text is edited, despite
that the font size can be set there. But a right click on the text box in
the page context gets to that - and it was set to fixed by default, which is
brain dead. Anyway, the hint where to find it is much appreciate

> > Also, why am I seeing only 12 color choices for text? Scribus can't
> > really
> > be this incapable, is it? How do I surface the capabilities so I can
> > use
> > them. I've done a lot of PageMaker and Quark work in years past, and
> > as I
> > said have used Scribus before too ... is the 1.4.0 version just trash?
> > Do I
> > need to build it custom to get it to have a normal depth of DTP
> > features?
> > I'm running the Scribus-provided Ubuntu version here.
> Your choices are;
> 1. Add a color to the palette, Edit->Colours->New  or
> 2. Start Scribus, and before you open a document, Edit->Colors and
> select from one of the many palettes, I suspect you have the simple
> palette
> Also not there is a Scribus manual, Help->Manual. If it is not there,
> check your Synaptic, search scrobus and look for the doco

Yeah, I'm afraid the way the .deb is being distributed for Ubuntu by Scribus
they've left out the manual and defaulted to the "simple" palette. Which is
as nonsensical as defaulting to a fixed line height. Sigh.


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