[scribus] A5 to A4 PDF export / convert

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Oct 30 10:50:30 UTC 2011

hi jluc

> I got to print a A5 book on my brother laser printer :
> when I print it using the very clever 'booklet' option, it's printed
> as a booklet of reduced pages... since the option is intended to
> booklet print 2 A4 pages on single A4 page.
> Printing a booklet with correctly sized pages would require
> - either to do the imposition PDFly before printing. That has been
> discussed here, but is not a light process.
> - or to produce a A4 PDF with each A5 page (thus on a 141% scale)
> first, that would then print A5 through the booklet option of the
> printer driver. I didnt find any such scale option in Scribus PDF
> export however, but maybe there are simple tools to achieve this ?

if you only have two to four pages, you can craete a new A4 landscape
document with 0 margins, add a middle guide, by using shift click and
the image tool fill each half of the sheet and load on each of them one
of the pages of the pdf.

when you produce the final pdf, use the experimental "pdf embedding"

this is probably the best option for jim, too...


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