[scribus] A5 to A4 PDF export / convert

Jim Hauxwell james at dattrax.co.uk
Sun Oct 30 15:24:24 UTC 2011


 > if you only have two to four pages, you can craete a new A4 landscape
 > document with 0 margins, add a middle guide, by using shift click and
 > the image tool fill each half of the sheet and load on each of them
 > one of the pages of the pdf.

 > when you produce the final pdf, use the experimental "pdf embedding" 

I managed to create a side by side view.  When importing the pdf it was 
badly laid out.  Fonts are incorrect, spacing is bad.  I find this 
strange as I've just saved the pdf from scribus.  where do I find the 
experimental "pdf embedding"?


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