[scribus] First Line Indent problem/Story Editor

Stefan stmstmstmster at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 28 10:15:01 UTC 2011

hmmm, a text filter would be nice, could be done with a script.

2011/10/28 Czarek <czarek at oferuje.pl>

> > However,
> > Indent varies mostly between 0.250 inches and 0.375 inches with one
> > being 0.625 inches.
> I have not any problems with indents.
> The only one is not Scribus problem, but my text sources - people often use
> spaces or tabs as indentation in text editors. As I am using indentation
> from
> style I must remove all that manual indentation.
> Maybe that is answer for your problem?
> Next answer may be usage of manual applied indentation (by moving marks on
> ruler) in text editor. Then in Scribus these values may override style`s
> indentation values like you apply it yourself be selecting paragraph and
> move
> text markers on ruler.
> If it is not any of these cases please log/register to bugtrucker and
> report
> that as bug with attached SLA file for review.
> cezaryece
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Gruß, Stefan
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