[scribus] First Line Indent problem/Story Editor

Czarek czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Oct 28 06:39:24 UTC 2011

> However,
> Indent varies mostly between 0.250 inches and 0.375 inches with one
> being 0.625 inches.

I have not any problems with indents.
The only one is not Scribus problem, but my text sources - people often use 
spaces or tabs as indentation in text editors. As I am using indentation from 
style I must remove all that manual indentation.

Maybe that is answer for your problem?

Next answer may be usage of manual applied indentation (by moving marks on 
ruler) in text editor. Then in Scribus these values may override style`s 
indentation values like you apply it yourself be selecting paragraph and move 
text markers on ruler.

If it is not any of these cases please log/register to bugtrucker and report 
that as bug with attached SLA file for review.


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