[scribus] If not D-BUS, then what?

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Fri Oct 21 12:29:58 UTC 2011

a customer in region A will get 
> Salesman Joe, and a customer filling out from a location where 
> disaffected college students live will get one from one of salesmen 
> Larry, Curly, and Moe 
 think that the difficulty is actually in identifying automatically 
where the customer is (parse postcode against a database maybe) and 
weigh it against type of business (industry / size)... and then I would 
just use one Scribus document with the salesperson details as unique 
layers *export one for each.
After that sending the right PDF from the server script is the easy bit... You could store the PDFs on the server to be served as the download link (I think once you have interpreted the customer information as id=type_a type_b php or any programming language can do that without the need to generate the document on the fly)
 important bit is making sure that the presales customer information 
sent by email is interpreted right, I am not sure this has anything to 
do with Scribus though.

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