[scribus] If not D-BUS, then what?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Oct 21 06:22:00 UTC 2011

hi tyson,
> OK, here's what I am trying to do.
> I have a flyer that I plan on having the marketing droids design. It 
> will be laid out exactly how the company wants, but I plan on 
> inserting sales contact information/photo depending upon who is 
> electronically requesting the flyer -- a customer in region A will get 
> Salesman Joe, and a customer filling out from a location where 
> disaffected college students live will get one from one of salesmen 
> Larry, Curly, and Moe. I'd say to do a mail merge to do this, but I 
> wanted better control of the layout -- and I also didn't want to have 
> a human have to start scribus and exec the script -- just call scribus 
> on demand when the docs are needed, so that we don't waste paper just 
> to have enough flyers on hand. (Depending upon how they request it, 
> most would get a PDF anyway...)
> I can use xsl/htmldoc to render it -- but it won't look as good.

just let them download the .sla and modify it at their wish :-)

more serioulsy. the short answer to your request is: scribus is not 
ready yet to be used as a server application.

at the beginning of october, a mail to the scribus-dev mailing list by 
stefan gave an hint how this can be achieved with scribus (keywords: 
cloud, http, framebuffer).

i plan to work on this issue in spring next year (if nobody does it 
before)... let's see if it's possible to find a good solution.


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