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Stefan stmstmstmster at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 12 07:32:29 UTC 2011

2011/10/11 Ivan Winters <iwinters at virginmedia.com>:
> I used to work in offset litho printing. Item 2 above to create a warmer
> looking grey can have practical difficulties if your final output is in
> offset printing. Unless the 'registration' is set up by the printer very
> accurately on a four colour press ie a press which prints the colours C M Y
> K on the paper simultaneously and in synchronisation the resulting 'grey'
> could look horrendous. If the printer cannot achieve good registration or if
> the printer is going to print full colour output by passing the printwork
> through a single colour press four times changing the printing plate each
> time stick to 'grey' created from 50% K.

Thanks for yor answer. This is very true.

You set: 50C 50M 50Y 0K

Printer puts eg. too much cyan ink on page, that gets you: 60C 50M 50Y
---> your "grey" is tinted blue!

But by todays standards & quality checks not a problem anymore. And
most commercial printers print 4 colors in one run; the online
printers and newspaper printers have strict color management.

> Ivan Winters

Gruß, Stefan

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