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>2011/10/7 Stefan <stmstmstmster at googlemail.com>

> Some notes.
> You can create greys in two ways:
> 1.)  50 % K gives a cold looking grey (only black ink)
> 2.)  50 % CMY gives you a somehow warmer looking grey, it is mixed
> from three inks.
> A rich black (deep black) is created with 100 % K and 50% up to 100% C,
> 100 % K only is often not black enough, if you have a large black box
> on a page oder a big headline.

>There is an article on rich black in Wikipedia that gives a bit more
>details. I don?t think this article is complete but it's a start.


>It?s worth to dig to get a good knowledge of what rich black is about.
>Depending on the printing device and on what is actually printed, values
>(will) vary and this can (or will) have an effect on the final printed
>result. There are simply no short answers about rich black.


I used to work in offset litho printing. Item 2 above to create a warmer
looking grey can have practical difficulties if your final output is in
offset printing. Unless the 'registration' is set up by the printer very
accurately on a four colour press ie a press which prints the colours C M Y
K on the paper simultaneously and in synchronisation the resulting 'grey'
could look horrendous. If the printer cannot achieve good registration or if
the printer is going to print full colour output by passing the printwork
through a single colour press four times changing the printing plate each
time stick to 'grey' created from 50% K.

Ivan Winters
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