[scribus] CMYK

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Wed Oct 12 16:46:28 UTC 2011

> > c60% m40% y40% k100%. This meets the LSI limit of no more
> > than 240% ink coverage.

But you must take care about paper kind and quality.
Maybe it good reception for deep dark black on card paper, but not for paper 
with gramature less than 200 g/m2 (I dont know which paper weight do you use 
in non-metric units). For thinner papers I advise much less additional inks 
for black. For newspaper paper even no more than 20% additions to 90% black 
(even not 100% black as it maybe hard to print on low quality paper thin like 
razor). You must remeber that as thiner paper as more dark places will be 
visible on second side of page.


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