[scribus] Baseline Offset Issue

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Oct 1 14:33:54 UTC 2011

I know there are end-of-text-frame-character issues, but I haven't seen any issues posted relating to an end-of-line character within a text frame.  (Not a "hard" end-of-line from the Enter key, but a "soft" end-of-line from word wrapping.)  When I put the i-bar at the beginning of a line (that's not the last line of a text frame) and press fn-shift-rightarrow (Mac key combination to highlight to the end of the line) then set a baseline offset in the Properties window, the line of text shifts up or down depending on the value.  Moving the i-bar along that line of text has the correct value displayed in the Properties window.  However....If I put the i-bar back at the beginning of the line and highlight the same line again, instead of showing the current baseline offset "0.00%" is displayed, despite the fact that the line is offset!  Bug?  Known issue?

I'm also still experiencing random wrong values in the Advanced Settings of the Text tab in Properties.  Intermittently (and randomly), setting a value such as Manual Tracking or Scaling Width then clicking between two other characters that have not yet been edited, the Properties window will still show the old values instead of updating for the new i-bar position.  Clicking AGAIN (somewhere else) in the text frame will reset the values, then I can go back to where I was intending to make a new edit and start changing values from 0.00 instead of from the last custom values.  Clearly a bug, but maybe already resolved with recent text frame behavior fixes?


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