[scribus] Dynamic variables and references

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat Oct 1 15:17:17 UTC 2011

Le 29/09/2011 14:34, Peter Nermander a écrit :
>> So it seems to be powerfull if we might be able to write (#aref) in a frame, so that the printed number would be the
>> page number of the object appearing to be called 'aref' in the outline window.
> I think we should look a bit further.
> Another important feature would be fo be able to find the latest or
> the next occurance of a certain style or frame name (to be able to get
> automatic running headers). Somthing like:
> Previous.Style("ChapterName").Content (where ChapterName is a style name)

> MS Word has a lot of these features and I use the often.They save a
> lot of work when rearranging documents.

Is there some documentation or a description of the syntax used ?


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