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Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 00:22:25 CET 2011

On 03/24/2011 12:02 AM, srikrishnan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have one thought. Just I want to share with you.
> I am a Template Developer in Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
> (formerly 3B2), in a STM Typesetting Environment for past 15 years and
> above. I think in some aspects Scribus seems like APP. For example we
> can open APP's file also in a text editor and if we have knowledge we
> can make simple edits in the text editor itself.
> In APP, there is an option to create ligature table, through this table
> we can replace or add a character for a character. If such option
> available in Scribus it would be easy for an user to make available some
> accented characters as well as surrogated pairs which need very
> essentially in Indic languages.
> FYR: APP's ligature table syntaxes as follows:
> replace 0x0B95; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE893; 'ka க
> replace 0x0B99; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE896; 'Nga ங
> replace 0x0B9A; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE89B; 'ca ச
> replace 0x0B9E; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8A3; 'Nya ஞ
> replace 0x0B9F; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8A8; 'Tta ட
> replace 0x0BA3; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8AF; 'NNA ண
> replace 0x0BA4; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8B4; 'Tha த
> replace 0x0BA8; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8B9; 'Na ந
> replace 0x0BA9; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C0; 'NNNa ன
> replace 0x0BAA; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C3; 'Pa ப
> replace 0x0BAE; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C8; 'Ma ம
> replace 0x0BAF; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8CB; 'Ya ய
> replace 0x0BB0; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8D0; 'Ra ர
> replace 0x0BB1; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8D6; 'RRa ற
> replace 0x0BB2; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8DC; 'La ல
> replace 0x0BB3; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8E2; 'LLa ள
> replace 0x0BB4; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8E7; 'LLLa ழ
> replace 0x0BB5; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8EA; 'Va வ
> the above ligature table created as per the characters position
> available in code2000 font for tamil

This is good to know, since I know one of the problems with indic fonts 
has been the changes that happen with various glyphs depending on 
leading/following glyphs.

Hopefully, Pierre Marchand is noting this.


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