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I want to share some more things regarding tamil with you. Unlike Hindi,

Tamil letters are continously modified until mid of the 20th century as per the emerged requirements from print media. So maximum number of ascending and descending characters are modernised, which leads to improvementsin leading problems in Tamil. 

Total Tamil characters are only

Vowels = 12
Consonants = 18
hermaphrodite letter (Aiyudha Ezhuthu, either vowel nor consonants) = 1
combination of vowels and Consonants = 12*18 = 216
Apart from that there are Grantha letters = 6

Total = 247+6

In Tamil there is no running letters style. So there is no need to worry much about 'various glyphs depending on 
> leading/following glyphs' as like other indic languages such as Hindi

Following link is very useful for you


I hope above informations could help you to understand something about Tamil


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> On 03/24/2011 12:02 AM, srikrishnan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have one thought. Just I want to share with you.
>> I am a Template Developer in Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher
>> (formerly 3B2), in a STM Typesetting Environment for past 15 years and
>> above. I think in some aspects Scribus seems like APP. For example we
>> can open APP's file also in a text editor and if we have knowledge we
>> can make simple edits in the text editor itself.
>> In APP, there is an option to create ligature table, through this table
>> we can replace or add a character for a character. If such option
>> available in Scribus it would be easy for an user to make available some
>> accented characters as well as surrogated pairs which need very
>> essentially in Indic languages.
>> FYR: APP's ligature table syntaxes as follows:
>> replace 0x0B95; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE893; 'ka க
>> replace 0x0B99; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE896; 'Nga ங
>> replace 0x0B9A; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE89B; 'ca ச
>> replace 0x0B9E; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8A3; 'Nya ஞ
>> replace 0x0B9F; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8A8; 'Tta ட
>> replace 0x0BA3; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8AF; 'NNA ண
>> replace 0x0BA4; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8B4; 'Tha த
>> replace 0x0BA8; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8B9; 'Na ந
>> replace 0x0BA9; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C0; 'NNNa ன
>> replace 0x0BAA; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C3; 'Pa ப
>> replace 0x0BAE; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8C8; 'Ma ம
>> replace 0x0BAF; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8CB; 'Ya ய
>> replace 0x0BB0; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8D0; 'Ra ர
>> replace 0x0BB1; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8D6; 'RRa ற
>> replace 0x0BB2; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8DC; 'La ல
>> replace 0x0BB3; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8E2; 'LLa ள
>> replace 0x0BB4; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8E7; 'LLLa ழ
>> replace 0x0BB5; 0x0BCD; draw 0xE8EA; 'Va வ
>> the above ligature table created as per the characters position
>> available in code2000 font for tamil
> This is good to know, since I know one of the problems with indic fonts 
> has been the changes that happen with various glyphs depending on 
> leading/following glyphs.
> Hopefully, Pierre Marchand is noting this.
> Greg
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