[scribus] Probable BUG in 1.4.0rc5 involving Groups and levels

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Thu Jun 23 02:33:43 UTC 2011

> but since there won't be many people changing the name of a group...

Um, I rename every group I create.  I don't like the generic "group#" names.  I prefer more descriptive names for my objects, making them much more identifiable in the Outline window.  However, I do wish we could copy items out of groups.  To be able to select an item within a group in the Outline window, copy the item, and then paste it as a new item outside the group.  It's awkward to have to ungroup the group, make the copy, then regroup the items, then rename the group (to restore the name), and lastly put the group back to its previous level.  A lot of steps simply to copy an item that's part of a group...


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