[scribus] Probable BUG in 1.4.0rc5 involving Groups and levels

Mike mike at hersham.net
Wed Jun 22 15:08:02 UTC 2011

I posted this in the forums and have had it confirmed. I'm not registered to 
post bugs directly in the bugtracker so I'm reporting it here..

1.4.0rc5 on Windows XP (+ Debian Linux according to R Meho)

I came across some odd behaviour which is quite easily recreated:

1/ create 4 text frames on a blank new page and add text to each one.

2/ group them.

3/ rename the group

4/ select one of the text frames (I used the outline dialog for this), and 
try to change the item's level either through the item:level menu or through 
the properties dialog. (might not happen for the first or last in the group)

What happens:
-  The page goes blank
-  the item disappears from the outline dialog
-  the group's name reverts to it's original name
-  a polygon appears in the group (shown in the outline dialog) with the 
name given to the group in step 3 above.

I've attemted to recreate the same problem in 1.5.0svn on Ubuntu (latest 
snapshot) but the behvaiour is different. The attempt to change levels 
simply does nothing.

I've had a look though the changelog and can't find any mention of this 
being changed so I don't know whether this is a difference between platforms 
or versions.

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