[scribus] The never-ending quest for a stable version

Andrew Fountain andrew at writeup.org
Sun Jun 19 00:04:30 UTC 2011

Back in 2007, the next stable verision was going to be 1.3.6

> 1.3.4 will not ever be a "stable" version. Soon, it will be superseded
> by 1.3.5, which will also be considered developmental.
> While as I understand it technically the next stable version beyond the
> 1.3.3.x series will be 1.3.6, this will not be for some time. On a
> practical level what is likely to happen is that with time we will see
> most of the 1.3.5 bugs taken care of, more users report good results
> with it, and the late 1.3.5cvs versions should be unofficially pretty
> stable, yet not labeled as such. Then comes the announcement that the
> developmental 1.3.5cvs has morphed like a butterfly into 1.3.6.
> If you scan the Scribus Archives, you will see ample evidence against
> using 1.3.4 for production work at this time.
> Greg

quoted from: http://lists.scribus.info/pipermail/scribus/2007-June/034459.html

By 2010 it was 1.4 that we were waiting for

> i don't think that the version number needs any explaination anymore.
> it's an anomalous situation and, as soon as 1.4 will be out, everything
> will be ok again.
> what you need to know is:
> - each scribus version get a number 1.x.y.
> - if x is even it's a stable version
> - if x is odd it's a development version
> - y is a sequence of minor bug fixes (and small improvements)
> on top of it:
> - is a stable version (and is an exception).
> - 1.3.8 and 1.3.9 are the unstable version which will lead -- as soon as
> possible -- to the next stable version: 1.4.
> - 1.5.x is where the development version
> ...
> hope that helps
> a.l.e

quoted from: http://lists.scribus.info/pipermail/scribus/2010-October/039647.html

Now it appears that 1.4 will be yet another development version and 1.5
will be the stable version. Or will it? Maybe by then we will be
waiting for 1.6?
Can someone clarify?
--Andrew F.

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