[scribus] Faster Driving...

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jun 18 20:23:14 UTC 2011

On 18/06/11 14:53, Mike Sleger wrote:
> Macs no have window key.  :)
> I haven't yet figured out (or taken the time to Google) how to use function keys on the MacBook.  (It has a "fn" key, but no explicit function keys like on a standard keyboard.)  The expected "fn + [number]" combination wasn't it.

On all the MacBooks I know, there is a top row of function keys, used 
also for things like volume and brightness. Thus, on mine here, the F2 
key normally increases screen brightness, but fn-F2 toggles the 
Properties window.

On the Mac, cmd-backtick (that is "⌘`") normally cycles through all 
windows of an application. With Scribus, this doesn't seem to work. I 
can use it to switch from the Properties window to the main window, but 
then it gets stuck.


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