[scribus] CMYK Values Overwritten

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Jun 17 06:29:22 UTC 2011

> The other thing to realize from what I was saying was that, if a color
> value, even CMYK, can only have 256 possibilities, then if we divide
> 100/255, then the smallest difference there can be from one setting to
> another is about 0.4% (which is why multiples of 20.0% are possible), so
> the problem may be in suggesting that tenths of percentages are
> possible. If the SLA file is where a percentage might be saved, the
> format has no allowance for saving 30.0%, only what is closest to that.

That is now, but it is mistake by design.
In fact color values should be in floating precision as is in Postscrtipt.
Limitation to only 255 steps applies only for raster images, where colors are 
saved in 8 bits. But there is any reason to apply this limitation for vector 
objects and color definitions.
In Scribus code when color is saved in PDF (in fact postscript code) its value 
is converted from 8 bit range value into float value.

Maybe some day someone change that, but it is vary massive code rewrite.


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