[scribus] Scribus Image (Resource) Manager

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Fri Jun 17 00:09:41 UTC 2011

I didn't really want to report an issue for this yet, because it's not really a bug as much as a feature suggestion, and I thought it wise to poll some user opinions first.  Also, the developers are already overtaxed with real bug fixes and probably don't want yet another feature request added to the stack.

Under the Extras menu there is a Manage Images feature.  At least on OS X, the GUI window for this cannot be moved, so any windows happening to be over the Close button need to be moved in order to close the GUI.  The "Search..." button would be better labeled "Change...", and the tool only manages images (thus the name).

Back when I used PageMaker, it had a similar tool that was much more generic:  Resources (a resource manager).  If Manage images was renamed to Manage Resources, and included fonts and any other external resources, it would be more useful in finding and managing all the resources for an entire document rather than just images.


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