[scribus] We should be able to change fontsize in latex editor

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Wed Jun 15 17:09:51 UTC 2011

Thank you Stefan with your very impressive and detailed answer. It is for
sure a great achievement, and I have to recognize that I'm not sure that I
can handle such a complex procedure. I think that, for my poster, I will
choose Inkskape, with the " Textext " extension ; I hope that it will work
properly. However, I think that developing a good symbiosis between Scribus
and Latex would be extremely useful, especially for scientists, of course.

Thank you for all your answers.

2011/6/15 SCRIBUS RIMITU <scribusrimitu at gmail.com>

> Thank you very much, John, for you very precise answer. I will try your
> method ; I use LaTex, even if I'm not an expert. My purpose was to use
> Scribus, only for the poster, because of the WYSIWYG aspect. I will try
> Inkscape too, with the extension Textext.
> Anyway, I think that it would be really nice if developers could include a
> way to include LaTex formula, at any size.
> Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english again.
> Erem
> 2011/6/15 SCRIBUS RIMITU <scribusrimitu at gmail.com>
>> Hi again, and thank you Greg for you quick answer. If someone has a
>> solution, it would be great, because I think that a lot of users will need
>> this answer. (I hope that my answer will appear in my topic, I'm not sure
>> that I'm using this properly).
>> Erem
>> 2011/6/15 SCRIBUS RIMITU <scribusrimitu at gmail.com>
>>> Hi there,
>>> And firstable please excuse my english. I'm using Scribus because I want
>>> to create a scientific poster (A0 size). I must include Latex formulas, but
>>> after doing Insert Rendering Frame, and right-clicking " Edit source ", I
>>> see that there is no possibility to set a Fontsize greater than 20 pts,
>>> which is really a problem in my opinion.
>>> If I made a mistake using Scribus, please accept my sincere apologizes
>>> for make scribus users wasting their time reading my email. But I have to
>>> say that I must create this poster very soon, so I'm running out of time.
>>> Thank you very much,
>>> Erem Montani
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