[scribus] Selection across linked frames

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jul 29 15:26:45 UTC 2011

hi jluc,
> Yes, this works perfectly. I had not mentionned this since I am 
> working a many pages documents,
> and (if I understand well) this method does not suit this situation 
> very well.
> Well, it works, but it is tedious to press for example 200 times on a 
> key just to reach another part of the text ;-)
> Mouse moves enable to move much further much faster then single line 
> arrow keys
> for this matter as for many other matters. This is why computers have 
> mouses nowadays.

sorry, to be critical against your workflow, but if you have to click 
select text across 200 frames or through longer parts of text (i don't 
know what exactly you mean with 200 times... are you aware that there 
are keys like up, down, page up, page  down, home and end? and even next 
word and previous word?) you're imo doing something wrong...

even if you have 200 cases where you have a shorter selection which 
crosses the frame boundary... your workflow does not seem well optimized 
to me...


p.s.: i've tried to apply the method i was describing in my previous 
mail and, while you can indeed see the selection crossing the frame 
boundaries, applying a formatting (or copying the text) will only use 
the selection in the (newly) active frame: so, no, this won't work for 
you anyway...

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