[scribus] Selection across linked frames

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Fri Jul 29 15:03:42 UTC 2011

Le 29/07/2011 15:50, a.l.e a écrit :
> hi
>> Or is there some other way to proceed so as to select text across linked text frames ?
> do you mean something like this:
> http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=4654
> ?

> well, it is technically possible... but i don't know how you can reliably replicate it! :-)
> you can try to do it by moving with the keys, pressing the shift key and, at the right moment the control key...
> but i can't really tell you how it works and why :-)

Yes, this works perfectly. I had not mentionned this since I am working a many pages documents,
and (if I understand well) this method does not suit this situation very well.

Well, it works, but it is tedious to press for example 200 times on a key just to reach another part of the text ;-)
Mouse moves enable to move much further much faster then single line arrow keys
for this matter as for many other matters. This is why computers have mouses nowadays.

> iirc cezary's patches should also improve the navigation through linked text frames... no idea if any of them also
> solves this issue.

In which version shall these be integrated in scribus ?

> but, basically, you mostly don't need to select text across text frames: that's why the developers didn't set it as a
> priority (i agree that it would be nice to have for some corner cases, though...).

Well, I quite often do need to select text across frames.

A text linked across frames is a text, even if spread across frames.
If selection is a legitimate need, then why should selection in a single text
be easy for characters in some aeras of this text, and painfull in other areas ?

> have a nice evening
Thank you very much. :-)
Enjoy the week end too !

> p.s.: as a workaround, you can temporarily increase the height of the first frame and get all the text you want to
> select in there...
Sure, in some border area cases that might help, but it wont help with text across more frames.


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