[scribus] booklet printing?

Arbee Designs arbee at arbeedesigns.com
Wed Jul 27 14:11:15 UTC 2011

Are you saying the PDF looks correct?
I suspect it will be and it is the printer settings from Adobe Reader
that you need to check/alter.
When you do File Print look for the "Page Scaling" section, and ensure
the "Page Scaling" is set to none.
You may need to check other settings.

When I open the PDF, Yes the PDF looks correct on the screen. When I print,
I select booklet printing so I know Page scaling is not selected. The
preview appears to add extra margins on. I cannot find anywhere to change
that. If I don't select booklet printing, it prints each page on a single
sheet and not booklet form.

If on the other hand, I have a PDF that is the full flat page (ie page 1
shows 1 & 8; page 2 shows 2 & 7 etc) when I open it and I print that from
Adobe reader, it prints it perfectly without adding any extra margins on it.
I don't use the booklet setting to print this, I use the page scaling set to

What am I missing?

It never used to be this way and I can't really pin point when the problem

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