[scribus] booklet printing?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Jul 27 13:41:03 UTC 2011

> Huh?

> In Scribus:
> Export->save as pdf followed by
> pdf2ps foo.pdf
> on a command line.

Many people are not used to using command line programs (it can be
seen on the list here, look for example at all the threads about
compiling Scribus).

With bookbinder you just open your PDF, chose the desired options and
then Bookbinder will create one or several PDFs with your imposed
booklet. No need for "cryptic command lines" (I personally don't
dislike command line programs, I have a heavy set of perl scripts
using psutils to create impositions up to 32 page sheets, including
adjustment for creep, signature numbers and collation bars, but I
recognize that most people today gets confused by using the command

> Your Java program Quantumwhatever will additionally break
> the file down as signatures. Psbook will do the same; The

That is an option, it can put everything in a single file. It can also
put odd pages in one file and even pages in another, to help when the
printer is not capable of duplex printing. And it can also put the odd
pages in backwards order (which can be needed depending on whether the
printer outputs the sheets face up or down).

With the command line tools a simple typing mistake can be fatal for
the result, checkboxes and listboxes are more foolproof.

I have to say that I find Bookbinder a lot easier to use then for
example Quite Imposing Plus (which if I understand right more or less
is considered The imposition plugin for Adobe Acrobat). But of course
Quite Imposing Plus can do a lot more than bookbinder. But for booklet
printing I think Bookbinder is the best tool to suggest for users who
miss the booklet printing in the print dialog.


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