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Ruth, perhaps I can shed a little light on this situation. First, let me 
say this. My knowledge of Scribus is minuscule compared to the other 
knowledgeable people on this list.

That said, I have been trying to get a solution to the same problem as 
yours for the last couple of months or longer. The problem is, I think, 
that my printer (and probably all Ink Jet Printers) have built into 
their software an unprintable area all around the sheet. In the case of 
my Canon this is approximately 1/4". My Book has pages that are 5.5" X 
8.5". I will print two pages on each side of an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet. When I 
try to print this using Adobe Reader and Booklet Setting the printer 
adds the 1/4" unprintable area to all four sides of the sheet which 
means that the 1/4" is added to the margins of each page. This has to 
come from the Body Text making it 1/4" narrower. This gets a little 
complicated and I hope you can follow this.

I think I have explained the problem to you but what we both want is a 
solution. I have been working with the good people at PDF Xchange who 
have a PDF Reader which I believe is as good as or perhaps better than 
Adobe. They have offered a solution to the problem using their software 
which would require making an entry in the Registry. I am proceeding 
with utmost caution because I have never edited the Registry.

If you are interested in pursuing this let me know and I will give you 
more information. Even better, with this information perhaps one or more 
of these very knowledgeable list members can figure a workaround. You 
could compensate for this in Scribus but I really did not want to do 
that because I might decide to have a printer print some copies of the 

On 7/25/2011 10:20 AM, Arbee Designs wrote:
> I'm new to Scribus so not familiar with a lot of the procedures. I know
> there has been discussion about booklet printing, but I'm having problems
> following that because I'm just not familiar enough with it. I was using the
> stable version of Scribus, but on the weekend I downloaded 1.4.0 rc5 and I
> must stay what an improvement. Most of my issues are solved, so I thank you
> for that. The question I do want to ask is this:
> Can I print a booklet directly from Scribus? I have all the layout set up as
> it should be and I can export to pdf to make the booklet, but I seem to be
> having an issue trying to print directly. If so, where do I find
> instructions on how to do this correctly?
> I can print the booklet by exporting to pdf but have a problem of where the
> printer will print wider margins on the outside edges, even though the pdf
> has even margins which is annoying and I cannot seem to fix. Maybe someone
> can direct me to where I can get help with this?
> To rectify this print error, the only solution I've come up with is to use
> booklet creator which lays the pages out as they are seen. The problem with
> this is now I have a three step process to print my booklet.
> Any help would be most appreciated and I'm sorry if this has already been
> covered.
> Ruth
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