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Arbee Designs arbee at arbeedesigns.com
Tue Jul 26 01:43:34 UTC 2011

Guys, thanks so much for your answers.

A little bit about my background just so everyone is clear..... I am
familiarize with booklet printing. I have been printing my own booklets
successfully for 10 years. It's Scribus I'm not familiar with. I have a
xerox laser printer that does dulex so it knows what to do :) Previously I
was using Indesign and I was printing booklets fine with that. Recently I
started contracting designers to work for me but felt I couldn't ask them to
purchase such an expensive program so Scribus was my solution for them.

John.... what you describe to me in your post seems way above my head. I'm
not familiar with scripts and how I go about doing that without step by step

Bob, you explained that perfectly understandable to me and I believe that is
my problem also. I can write to pdf (eg print with cutiepdf) and then use
adobe reader to print a booklet, but when I export from scribus or Indesign
(and this only started happening in the past year) and print a booklet from
the pdf, I get those extra margins.

This is the reason I was asking if I can print directly from Scribus as I do
with Indesign. That I see as being the best solution, which maybe what John
is describing.... but I would need more details to understand the script
things and how to implement them. Sorry, just don't know that stuff.

Bob, I would definitely be interested in hearing more about your solution
with the pdf because I hire someone who will also be doing the printing from
pdfs rather than scribus when I travel so if you can help me further in that
direction, I'd greatly appreciate it also.

Thanks so much guys, for all your answers.
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