[scribus] Question on editing fonts

DeAnna Knippling dknippling at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 13:11:18 UTC 2011


I am *very* new to scribus.  Apologies if this has come up recently or
if I'm asking a no-brainer question.  I can't seem to find this

I am a small press publisher trying to put together my first print
book on CreateSpace, which uses PDFs for cover/interior files, and I'm
building the cover.

In my original ebook cover, which I built using GIMP, I was able to
apply layer masks over my font to manually erase/fade out some
excessively curly "swooshes" from the tops and bottoms of some of the
letters, which got to be too much.

Now, I'm trying to rebuild the cover in Scribus (for fun, I guess).  I
can import the old ebook cover at 300 dpi, but the fonts are not as
crisp as they are when generated by Scribus.

How can I manually tweak the fonts in Scribus to selectively fade
out/erase parts of the font?

A picture of the ebook cover is here:  http://wonderlandpress.com/?p=199

DeAnna Knippling
dknippling at gmail.com

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