[scribus] Broken display while grouping lines?! [RELATED TO:Any suggestions how to make circular scale (as clock has)?]

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jul 21 21:25:55 UTC 2011

hi ondrej

> It seems to be some sort of bug - you grouped circle too, which works 
> fine. But when you select lines only, outer boundary rectangle is too 
> small. You can check it simply by selecting items (without grouping):
> http://www.oldfrog.cz/downloads/scribus-samples/Screenshot-1.png
> http://www.oldfrog.cz/downloads/scribus-samples/Screenshot-2.png
> Why works it in this manner?

not sure i get your problem...

however, editing elements inside of a group is not really supported in the 1.4 branch.

it may or may not partially work, but there is no warranty that you will be successful.

in 1.5svn groups are already real items and i think that such issues should be addressed there... if they still exist...


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