[scribus] Broken display while grouping lines?! [RELATED TO:Any suggestions how to make circular scale (as clock has)?]

Ondřej Němeček ondrej.nemecek at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:40:04 UTC 2011

On 07/21/2011 11:25 PM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi ondrej
>> It seems to be some sort of bug - you grouped circle too, which works
>> fine. But when you select lines only, outer boundary rectangle is too
>> small. You can check it simply by selecting items (without grouping):
>> http://www.oldfrog.cz/downloads/scribus-samples/Screenshot-1.png
>> http://www.oldfrog.cz/downloads/scribus-samples/Screenshot-2.png
>> Why works it in this manner?
> not sure i get your problem...

Sorry, my english is a little limited, so I have trouble to describe it 

The problem is, that part of object (end of line) is not displayed when 
this object (line) is grouped with other objects (another lines). 
Ungruping fix it.

Resulting size of grouped objects (lines) is broken (to small), so some 
items are cutted away. In the fact this happens when objects are 
selected too, not only when they are grouped. It can be seen on my 

Problem happens only under some circumstances (I never see it when 
grouping rectangles - for example).

It can be usefull to understand why it happens and to know some 

> however, editing elements inside of a group is not really supported in the 1.4 branch.

I know it, but my problem has nothing to do with editing elements inside 

> in 1.5svn groups are already real items and i think that such issues should be addressed there... if they still exist...

Good news anyway - and probably final solution for my problem too.


Ondrej Nemecek
icq: 250163477

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